SimpleRockets 2 (Preview)

by Fat Bard



SimpleRockets 2 is a fully 3D space sim that lets you build rockets, airplanes, rovers, or anything you can imagine and explore highly detailed 3D planets. Upload your crafts and sandboxes and share them with the community to earn points. Join us as we enter Early Access and continue adding new features, such as the Planet Builder and Campaign Mode.

Build crafts by snapping parts together. Stretch and shape fuel tanks with easy-to-use tools that help you create exactly what you want. Choose from the available engines, such as the Mage, which is a powerful kerosene-fueled engine. Or choose the very weak, but highly efficient Ion Engine. Or you can choose both. It's your craft! Nothing will stop you. Use interstages to split your craft into multiple stages to reach incredible altitudes. Piece together modular fairings to protect your precious cargo.

Launch multiple crafts into orbit at once. You can dock with your existing crafts to build space stations, moon bases, refueling stations, etc. Take photos of your journey across the solar system with the built-in Photo Library tool.

Download from a huge collection of user-uploaded crafts and sandboxes. Upload your own crafts and sandboxes and share them with the community. Rise through the ranks from a white level builder to a gold level builder.

Kepler wrote the equations 400 years ago, and SimpleRockets 2 uses those equations to model extremely realistic orbital physics. Players will learn about rocket science and astrodynamics while they are having a blast exploring the solar system.


released August 3, 2018


all rights reserved



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